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With state-of-the-art processors, all-new graphics and breakthrough high-speed I/O, MacBook Pro takes three very big leaps forward. State-of-the-art Intel processors. The 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro now feature quad-core Intel Core i7 processors. And the 13-inch models jump to dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. That means all three models are up to twice as fast.

*Thunderbolt. The next generation of I/O. New Thunderbolt technology lets you connect high-performance peripherals and highresolution displays to a single port, with data transfer rates up to 10GBPS Gamechanging graphics. AMD Radeon graphics processors on the 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro are up to 3x faster than those in previous models, ** so you can take everything from games to CAD to HD video projects anywhere.

MacBook Air

Everyone should have a notebook this advanced

Light as it seems the Mac book air comes in two sizes 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch. The Air is promoted as the Worlds thinnest note book with a storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB flash drive (11.6inch) 128 GB and 256GB flash storage (13.3inch). The Air is very light in Weight as compared to the competition models, it Weighs 1.08kg and 1.35kg respectively.

Mac mini

It's a little powerhouse

The popular Mac mini also received an upgrade. Now featuring your choice of an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, The new Apple Mac mini can perform up to twice as fast as the previous models. Along with an upgraded processor, it features the new Thunderbolt technology port -- the fastest I/O of Apple's yet. While there aren't many devices that plug into Thunderbolt so far, it is clearly the wired data transfer technology of the future, and so apparently all new models of Mac will be featuring that port


The ultimate all-in-one goes all out

The New I MAC features next generation Quad- Core processors and has the fastest graphics ever in an all in one computer. It comes in two sizes one 21.5" Imac and the other 27" I Mac. It also brings Thunderbolt I/o technology to the desktop for lightening- fast data transfer. A new face time Hd camera lets you make full- screen HD video calls. Its everything you want in a desktop. It comes with a 4Gb memory. It comes with a wireless computer and a magic mouse.


Revolutionary The New iPad

The IPAD2 comes in two models Wi-Fi and Wi-fi 3g with a storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB. It comes with a size and weight of Height 9.50 and width 7.31 Depth 0.34 Weight 0.60gms. It comes with a battery power of up to 10 hours. It has a 3o pin doc connector port, 3.5 mm stereo head mini jack, Built in speaker, microphone+Micro-Sim card tray (Wi-Fi 3g Model).

Apple Care Protection Plan

Service and support from the people who know your Mac best

The AppleCare Protection Plan is a uniquely integrated service and support solution that extends the complimentary coverage on a Mac computer to three years from your Mac computer's original purchase date.

This comprehensive plan includes expert telephone technical support, global repair coverage, convenient service options, web-based support resources, and powerful diagnostic utilities. Get the most from your Mac.

Great features for the mac and beyond

OS X is engineered to take full advantage of the technologies in every new Mac. And to deliver the most intuitive and integrated computer experience.

iOS 6 will take your Ipad and Iopd touch to a whole new direction. More features to make things you do every day even better.
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