Our Service

Ask anyone of the thousands of happy Picatype customers this question "What is the best thing about Picatype?". Without a doubt their answer will be "Customer Service".

Picatype Systems was recently ranked as the third best Service team in the country. Our focus is to go to number one!

Our service team is a group of Mac experts certified with necessary skill sets that are needed to deliver the necessary technical assistance to all customers. Not only that, the team is also a group of people that believe that customer satisfaction and are trained in maintaining retail etiquette and ethics. We conduct technical and soft skill trainings every year to ensure that our staff is well prepared to handle all types of customer requests.

We've got the best Geek Squad in Pune!

If you have any queries about mac products or mac softwares, or are looking for Mac solutions in pune,
do not hesitate to call us @ +91 20 26160154 or write to us at service@picatype.com.

You can also tweet us @ applepicatype

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